战略计划2021-2024 | 菠菜白菜导航网 |菠菜最稳定的平台



Rising with our regions; connecting to the world

菠菜最稳定的平台的愿景是成为澳大利亚首屈一指的地区性大学. 菠菜最稳定的平台的战略计划概述了菠菜最稳定的平台将如何实现这一愿景. USC’s journey has been exceptional in achievement as a community-focused higher education institution. 该大学于1996年由社区创建,并为社区服务.

南加州大学的愿望是随着地区的发展和发展与它们合作, 提供新功能, 加强能力建设,建立战略伙伴关系,支持地方成功. 这一地区在扩大, 菠菜白菜导航网的设施现在遍布昆士兰州东南部, 社区的重点保持不变. Meeting the non-exclusive challenges of growth and maturation as a distinctive regional university continues to be the context for our decision making.

今天的世界比过去25年中的任何时候都处于转型之中. 经济、社会和环境正在发生深刻的变化. 这些影响了大学在社会中的角色和责任. 澳大利亚人正在重新考虑他们的生活平衡,随之而来的是一些基本问题:

  • 未来的工作是什么?做好就业准备又意味着什么?
  • 菠菜最稳定的平台如何可持续地生活?
  • 澳大利亚的主权能力应该是怎样的?
  • How do people engage with, and obtain equitable access to, education, employment and human services?
  • 一个公平的澳大利亚社会的标志是什么?
  • 教育的未来是什么?

USC must continue to reflect the contemporary understanding of Australia and its regions and play a major role in addressing these questions. 这样做, we ensure our regions are best placed to take advantage of opportunities and address emerging challenges in order to thrive and prosper.

南加州大学的战略计划 2021-2024年计划是在与工作人员和其他主要利益攸关方协商后制定的. 南加州大学已经考虑了菠菜最稳定的平台对尊重的承诺, protect and promote human rights when developing the strategies that are included in this plan. 战略计划也反映 “好的工作,更好的服务,很棒的生活方式”,是昆士兰州政府为社区制定的目标.


1. 机会


菠菜白菜导航网 will support more people to achieve their ambitions by improving tertiary education access, 参与与成功.


1.1 .通过简化学习途径,提高参与和支持终身学习, 多样化的学习选择, 和合作伙伴.

1.2 .吸引和留住多样化的国内和国际学生群体.

1.3 Enhance the student experience to maximise student success and support accessibility and equity outcomes.

  • 学生入学人数增加.
  • 改善学生体验.
  • 与全国基准相比,提高了学生保留率.

2. 就业能力


菠菜白菜导航网将帮助菠菜最稳定的平台的毕业生掌握技能, future-ready, 对社会负责, 有创业精神和社会需求的贡献者, 不管他们在哪里, 无论是为自己工作还是为他人工作, 从事有偿或志愿工作.



2.2 Expand and enhance work-integrated learning opportunities to increase the readiness of graduates to enter the employment market.

2.3 Build 菠菜白菜导航网’s organisational capability to enable improved graduate employability outcomes.


  • 改善毕业生就业结果.
  • 学生完成率提高.
  • 提高雇主满意度.

3. 研究影响


菠菜白菜导航网将改变菠菜最稳定的平台当地的面貌, national and international communities by undertaking 研究 that is strategically aligned, 区域效益和全球影响.


3.1 Build critical mass of 区域效益和全球影响 研究 activity aligned to areas of strengths across all campuses.

3.2发展壮大, collaborative and productive 研究 partnerships that contribute to genuine innovation and knowledge generation and have sustained end-user impacts.

3.3 Establish a 研究er development framework encompassing HDR students and 研究 工作人员 that produces novel and impactful 研究 outcomes.

  • 改善ERA绩效(每年的目标是改善出版物的引用影响).
  • Increased engagement and impact performance (with annual target for relevant HERDC income categories).

4. 订婚


USC can help drive growth in prosperity and human potential in our  communities by forging powerful industry, 政府, 区域和全球伙伴关系.


4.1 Be a catalyst for development of mutually beneficial partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders and communities in the regions from 更多的ton Bay to the Fraser Coast.

4.2 Achieve a distinctive identity and contribution for each USC campus through alignment with regional priorities.

4.3 .加强互联互通和互利伙伴关系, 本地和全球, 这与, 并为, 南加州大学的教学和研究重点领域.

4.4 Strengthen USC’s organisational capacity and public positioning to deliver effective stakeholder engagement reflecting the University’s strategic aspirations.

  • 改善区域影响.
  • 维持或改进的性能

5. 基础设施


菠菜白菜导航网可以确保菠菜最稳定的平台的资产是合适的, sustainable and accessible to all our communities by creating a future-facing university underpinned by appropriate digital and physical infrastructure and sustainable business models.


5.1 Future-proof the University through focused growth that embraces  opportunities and delivers sustained financial security.

5.2重新设想南加州大学的校园,以反映学生, 工作人员, 社区和环境可持续发展的愿望.

5.3 .创建大学数字战略,与, 和促进, 当代数字实践和期望.

5.4 Maximise infrastructure investment by aligning innovation opportunities with USC teaching and 研究 activities.

  • 南加州大学教学和研究的核心业务活动增加了收入.
  • 保持或减少二氧化碳排放水平.
  • 利用基础设施和采购活动来发展教学, 研究, 以及与行业合作伙伴的商业化机会.

6. 人与文化

菠菜白菜导航网 will foster a positive organisational culture and deliver a highly skilled and highly engaged workforce by nurturing and attracting talent to build leadership,




6.培养道德规范, 尊重, 跨地域和部门界限的合作和协作文化.



  • 员工满意度高.
  • 提高积极的雇主品牌认知度.
  • 建立了提高劳动力多样性参与率的指标.


The University’s 计划ning and Reporting Framework is designed to support the implementation of this plan and the realisation of our vision to become Australia’s premier regional university.

It will ensure that 工作人员 across the University understand their role in achieving this vision and delivering our goals and strategies.

战略计划为六个目标中的每一个确定了关键绩效指标(KPI). Performance against these kpi will be reviewed throughout the year and reported to Council to monitor progress in achieving these targets.

The initiatives to be delivered against the strategies for each of the six Strategic 计划 goals will be identified in the University’s Top Level 计划s — the Academic 计划 (Opportunity and Employability goals), 研究计划(研究影响目标), Engagement 计划 (Engagement goal) and Corporate 计划 (Infrastructure and People and Culture goals). Additional measures for Top Level 计划 Indicators (TLPIs) will also be nominated to enable more detailed monitoring of performance.

These initiatives will then be incorporated into USC’s annual Operational 计划 with progress monitored and reported on a quarterly basis as part of the annual planning process.

Schools and departments will also develop specific annual action plans for each organisational area of the University to demonstrate how the school/department will support the delivery of the Strategic and Top Level 计划s. 这些行动计划的进展情况将按季度进行监测和报告.

Underpinning these plans is the performance planning and review (PPR) process for individual 工作人员 to ensure alignment between the performance and development of individual 工作人员, 工作区域计划和优先级, 高层计划和大学的战略计划.